Garage Door Colour Guide

One of our most common questions people struggle with is: What colour garage door should I get?

While colour and style are a very subjective choice there are a few common options to consider.

Dominator Milano Sectional Garage Door

Matching your trim

It is quite commonly for the trim, fascia, guttering, flashing and roofing to all be the same colour.

Matching your Garage Door to this colour helps create a uniformity to your home and blend everything together.

Matching your cladding

This can be difficult to pull off due to the differences in house paint colours vs Colorsteel or Powder Coat colours. If planned from the beginning there are usually house paint colours that match the Colorsteel range. House paint colours have a much larger variety of colours and often 1/2, 1/4, 1/8th strengths. You can often get close to these with the range of powder coat colours but it is rare to find a good match for an existing colour.

If done incorrectly the difference in shades can be very obvious. We generally advise to stay away from a 'close enough' match.

If done correctly this can help your door blend in nicely with your cladding, allowing you to draw attention to other parts of the home. This can often look good with a timber jamb for a nice contrast.

Dominator Nevada Sectional Garage Door
Dominator Futura Sectional Garage Door

Keep with the same colour palette

While trying to match the cladding with a 'close enough' colour is advised against using the same colour pallet is often a good look.

A lighter or darker shade of your roof, trim or cladding adds interest and depth to your home.

Contrasting colour

While blending in is always nice sometimes you want to stand out or make a statement.

A contrasting colour can look amazing and help make your garage a focal point of your home.

A black and white contrast is quite popular and can be paired with contrasting trim to help make several elements pop.

Painted Plywood and Batten Sectional Garage Door
Futura Scoria Textured


Red? Yellow? Bright blue? Purple? Gold?

Love it or hate a bold colour can evoke a lot of emotion.

If you want to stand out, or coming home to a bright colour makes you happy then this may be just what you need. 

Colour Options

Tough and stylish steel

When it comes to manufacturing our garage doors, we only use the best materials. All of our pre-painted steel is made for New Zealand conditions. Dominator garage doors are made from COLORSTEEL® which provides excellent colour performance and scratch resistance.

Chart of Dominator garage door colour options

^ Colorbond range
† Choose from up to 100 colours

The colours in this gallery are intended as a guide only. If colour selection is critical, please request a steel colour sample from your local Dominator dealer. Powder coating is also an attractive option if your preferred colour is not shown.

Please make contact with your Dominator dealer for advice and samples.

Dominator Garage Door Colours

Dulux Powder Coat Range

As the largest powder supplier in Australia and New Zealand, Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings offers a wide range of stock and custom made powder coating colours and technologies. Having the widest range of premium powder coatings in the market allows flexibility in design and the company provides the most complete range of colour and durability options specifically for architectural coating solutions.

Dulux Powder Coat Range Logo

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