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  • Dominator Rodney - Roller Door Series A: Domestic
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  • Dominator Rodney - Roller Door Series A: Domestic 1

Series A: Domestic

The Roller Garage Door is designed with security, style and durability in mind.

The highest quality of materials means that your Roller Door will be operating smoothly for years to come.

Available in 18 colour choices
For single car garages
Steel Gauge 0.4 BMT


The stylish yet subdued fine-line ribbed pattern compliments virtually any house style – from contemporary to traditional – smooth-wall, weather board, brick or stone.

Dominator Roller Doors are manufactured to customers opening dimensions. We build your door to fit your requirements, rather than making your plans conform to standard sized doors. Our carefully researched spring formula and precision manufacture combine to provide perfect balance for easy, smooth operation with minimal maintenance. Use of space is maximised by the vertical operation of the Roller Door which means you can park right up to it without worry of damage to your vehicle when the door is operated. Inside the garage, you can make maximum use of ceiling space. All Dominator Roller Doors are supported in side tracks which combined with vertical operation, provide for greater safety. Your door won’t unexpectedly blow open or shut, drop or swing.

Experience the functional advantages, like the smooth, quiet operation and the maximum use of the space, both on your driveway and inside your garage.

Features Include
  • Smooth and quiet.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Manufactured to a durable time tested design.
  • Operated with a push button via a Dominator Excel opener.
  • Range consists of 18 colours made from COLORSTEEL®.

Options & Features

Colours Available
Colour: Select a colour
Read more about our colour options.
Size Range
Available in sizes from 1300mm to 3200mm in height and 1250mm to 3200mm in width.
Lifting System
This door is manually operated unless an automated opener is fitted.
We recommend the following openers with this door: Excel Roller Door Opener
Not Available
  • 5 year warranty for the steel door curtain.
  • 12-month warranty on the surface coating and all components and associated labour, in normal residential use (excludes salt corrosion).
  • Industrial/Commercial use: 12-months for all components and labour.
Please note that warranty restrictions may apply in some circumstances. All warranties exclude damage from salt corrosion.
Bird Proofing
If you want to deter birds from entering and nesting in your building while the roller door is closed, the addition of a bird proofing brush strip along the lintel is the perfect solution.
Windlocking is available as an optional add-on to this door:

Series A
A unique guide & clip design that ensures the door is held captive in the door track when exposed to high wind situations, to reduce the risk of blow-in blow-out wind forces, as well as forced entry.

Smooth and Quiet

Dominator Roller Door garage doors will provide you with quiet, smooth, greaseless operation. Features include:

  • Nylofelt® running strips to provide greaseless operation.
  • Roll-A-Guides and mini groove top sheet to help reduce chances of paint scuffing during door operation.
  • Rubber coated guide stops to prevent metal on metal contact.
  • Double guide block and roller for smooth, quiet operation.


The Dominator Roller Door includes additional features that help prevent unwanted intrusions into the garage, such as:

  • Double bar centre lift lock, with internal turn knob for easier operation.
  • New 6 wafter lock barrel design, featuring a much sturdier locking mechanism that is highly pick resistant.
  • Stylishly designed, die cast centre lift lock located at waist height offers extra strength and security to deter would-be intruders.
  • Double guide blocks reinforce the bottom rail to limit the chances of forced entry from underneath the door.

Safety for your family

Safety should be a key consideration when selecting your garage door, as door failures can cause serious injury. The following safety features have been built into your Dominator Roller Door:

  • Steel door stops, not plastic like some brands.
  • Locking bar end covers to prevent injury to fingers.

Easy Operation

Your Dominator Roller Door will continue to be easy to open and close, with features such as:

  • High strength steel glass reinforced plastic drum wheels.
  • Combination of precision springing and drum, ensuring consistent balance, and allowing you to stop the door where you want it, and it will stay there.
  • Nylofelt® running strips for effortless rolling action.
  • Internal lock snib for easier use of the internal lock.

Weather Protection

The garage today is used to store many different valuable objects, so weather protection is an important feature of any garage door. Dominator Roller Doors feature:

  • Pre-painted steel, to stand up to the harsh New Zealand climate.
  • The weatherseal with deep cushioning helps restrict entry of water and leaves. On slightly uneven floors it reduces the gap for a better fit.


Your Dominator Roller Door will continue to operate like new, with reliable features such as:

  • Springs designed to exceed the Aust/NZ Standard for garage doors – 20,000 cycles.
  • Ribbed steel brackets manufactured from thicker gauge steel guarantees that the bracket is able to stand up to years of operation.
  • Pressed ‘square-line’ profile helps reduce the deflection in the door curtain caused by wind pressure.

Installation Clearances Series A

Recommended Clearance Requirements:

  • Standard Headroom – 400mm
  • Sideroom with opener – 135mm (Opener Recommended)
  • Sideroom – 80mm
  • Backspace – 450mm

Download the Dominator Framing Specification Sheet

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Dominator Rodney - 10 Year Warranty
Our 10 year total confidence warranty.
Standard with selected door and opener packages.
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