Our door motors support a range of optional accessories to extend the convenience or enhance the safety and security benefits of your garage door. 

Dominator External Key Pad

Entry Keypad

The entry keypad will allow you to enter the garage without a transmitter. Great for children, as there is no need to give them a key or transmitter as they can enter the house with their PIN.
Dominator Safety Beams

Wireless Safety Beams

If you have young children or pets, infra-red beams provide added safety and security. If the beam is broken while the door is closing, the door will automatically stop and reverse. Dominator strongly recommends the use of safety infra-red beams on all automatic garage doors
Dominator Battery Backup

Rechargeable Battery Back Up

In the event of a blackout or other break to the power supply, the opener will still be operational with a rechargeable battery backup.
Dominator Smart Phone

Smart Phone Kit

Have you ever wondered if you have left the garage door open after leaving the house? The Dominator Smart Phone Control kit allows you to monitor and control your garage door while you are at work or even on holidays from your compatible smart phone.

The Smart Phone Control Kit is available as an optional accessory on all new residential Dominator garage door openers.
  • Real time alerts: The Dominator App features real time notifications alerting you whenever your door is operated, opened for an extended period of time or when your opener is in need of a service
  • Customisation: The Dominator App can be customised to suit your lifestyle. From partial opening modes to restricting door access times, your protection and security is priority
  • Activity log: You can view usage history on the App so you know who has operated your garage door, and when
  • Total control: The Dominator App allows authorised users to operate the garage door without a remote. Give access to as many users as you like or remove access at the click of a button
  • Multiple devices in multiple locations: Through the App, you can control multiple garage doors and compatible gates in more than one location (e.g. your home garage door, your business or holiday home garage door)

Safety Beams Compulsory When Paired with Smartphone-Controlled Openers from 1st December, 2020

    • The change in AS/NZS 60335.2.92:2012 Amendment 2:2018 addresses the hazard of unattended closing of a garage door when using your smartphone away from home.
    • This change requires that all new installations of smartphone-controlled openers have a safety beam installed from the 1st Dec 2020.
Dominator Emergency Key Release

Emergency Key Release

Recommended where the garage door Is the only entry point, the Emergency Key Release will enable to you to manually open your sectional door during a power failure.
Dominator Autolock

Auto Lock

This smart keyless technology allows you to lock your garage door every time you close it using nothing but your regular remote control. The lock more than doubles the force required at the lock point to lift the door from a closed position, helping protect your home and loved ones *.

This device will slide a bolt into the guide track automatically when the door is closed. This means the Auto-Lock does not require any additional action from you to operate.

* Based on a door using an engaged automatic opener

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