When it comes to manufacturing our garage doors, we only use the best materials. All of our
pre-painted steel is made and tested for New Zealand conditions. Dominator prefers to use
Colorsteel where available, to provide excellent colour performance and is scratch resistance.

0.4 Steel Gauge

0.4 BMT

A lighter weight steel which provides the flexibility needed for our Series A and Series B roller doors. When combined with the deep ribs in the roller door this creates a strong secure door.
0.55 Steel Gauge

0.55 BMT

This thickness allows the steel to be roll formed and allows us to produce the widest range of styles. Also a very common thickness for secure roofing the 0.55 BMT allows for a strong yet cost effective Sectional door. 
0.75 Steel Gauge Icon

0.66 BMT

Used for our Somerset and Georgian Sectional doors the slight increase in thickness allows for an even stronger door and allows for the extra stretch required to form the pressed panels.
0.75 Steel Gauge

0.75 BMT

The thickest of the steel we use for our doors this superior heavy gauge steel must be folded instead of roll formed, reducing the range of styles available. The thickness allows for the panels to be a lot flatter than other plain panels and provides even more resistance to dents.

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